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My name is Lotahn Raz. I was Born on a Kibbutz in northern Israel in 1981, a son to two North-American Jews who came to Israel to build a country which would be based on peace a social justice. This plan hasn’t quite materialized yet. I, however, did. From the age of 11 I lived with my family in Jerusalem, through the hopeful-turn-warlike years of the Oslo Accords. Early on I was drawn to struggles for peace and social justice, both as a young person and later as an adult. I learned art in high-school which was never ceased to be a personal interest, and studied history at Tel Aviv University.

After years of working in various offices of local beloved NGOs, I decided to take a change of path and take a practical engineering course in electricity. I wanted to work in the world of the direct production of goods. I wanted to work with my hands. When I finished my studies, two things happened. The first is I started job hunting, the second was that my desire to write a blog became undeniable.

Connecting the Lines is my attempt to join between my personal stories and my thinking about the world around us, Israel and its future, work and class, my own personal interest in history and how it relates to our future, social struggles, and art.

Connecting the Lines is written in loving memory of my grandmother, Adina, who died in 2009 at the age of 87. Born and raised in the United States as a daughter of Jewish immigrants who came from Russia with the great wave of Jewish immigration at the end of the 19th century, my grandmother was raised poor, sometimes in orphanages, in Milwauky. All her life, my grandmother was a woman who fought for justice, for human dignity for all, and staunchly stood up for what was right. She did all this with her regular giggle and love of life.


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